The world is quiet here

If there's nothing outside, what was that noise?

V████ F███ D████████
The City
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With all due respect,
This community is for the sharing of the VFD files. Our true identities must be kept secret whenever possible, and the location and details of our organization concealed. Discretion is advised. Be courteous to all volunteers on our side of the schism. Courteousness includes general politeness and etiquette, the absence of flame wars, and putting large images under cuts for those cursed with slow modems.

Neophytes should introduce themselves with their Letter. Feel free to lament about the poor condition of your ankles, or maybe brag about your talent and idiosyncrasies, or talk about your commonplace book.
Or you could just stay behind the hedges.

The world is quiet here.

L (from his wretched website)

Your moderators, moments before recruitment:

667 dark avenue, acting troupe, alliteration, anagrams, ankle tattoos, anwhistle aquatics, aqueous martinis, arson, asoue, aunt josephine, baudelaire orphans, baudelaires, beatrice, blueprints, books, brett helquist, bullshitting, café kafka, café salmonella, cakesniffers, caligari carnival, carmelita spats, codes, coffee stain marker, commonplace books, count olaf, count olaf's theatre troope, count omar, cross-hatching, curdled cave, daily punctilio, damocles dock, dastardly deeds, dedications to beatrice, deux ex machina, disguises, dr. montgomery montgomery, duchess of winnipeg, duncan quagmire, esmé gigi geniveve squalor, eye tattoos, false spring, finite forest, forgery, grammar code, gustav sebald, habitual cakesniffing, hazy harbour, hotel denouement, house of freaks, initial code, isadora quagmire, jacques snicket, klaus baudelaire, lake lachrymose, last chance general store, lemony snicket, lucky smells lumber mill, lucky smells lumbermill, madame lulu, medusoid mycelium, member recognition, misnomers, mr. poe, muctuary money management, olivia, paltryville, panthera leo, parsley soda, person of indeterminate gender, pinstripes, poe, prufrock preparatory school, puttanesca, puttanesca sauce, quagmire triplets, quagmires, quigley quagmire, rancorous rocks, rarely ridden road, recruiting, recruits, red herrings, sad occasions, sebald code, series of unfortunate events, sir isaac newton, snicket, snow gnats, sugar bowls, sunny baudelaire, sunny's language, swarthy swamp, the anxious clown, the austere academy, the bad beginning, the blank book, the carnivorous carnival, the ersatz elevator, the gorgonian grotto, the grim grotto, the hinterlands, the horseradish factory, the hostile hospital, the incredibly deadly viper, the last safe place, the marvelous marriage, the miserable mill, the mortmain mountains, the prospero, the quagmire sapphires, the quagmire triplets, the reptile room, the schism, the slippery slope, the snicket files, the sugar bowl, the v.f.d., the vile village, the wide window, uncle monty, unfortunate events, unhappy endings, v.f.d., v.f.d. headquaters, valley of four drafts, valorous farms dairy, verbal fridge dialogue, verdant flammable device, verse fluctuation declaration, very fancy doilies, very fine dramatists, very fresh dill, very frilly doilies, very fun day, vfd, vfd black jeep secret, vice principal nero, village of foul devotees, village of fowl devotees, violet baudelaire, voluntary fish domestication, volunteer factual dispatches, volunteer feline detectives, volunteer fire department, volunteers fighting disease, what was that noise?, wicked whirlpool, xylophone, zombies in the snow