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The world is quiet here

If there's nothing outside, what was that noise?

9/1/11 07:10 pm - kab_oetd - Dear fellow volunteers,

Is this community still active? I'd really like to talk with fellow VFD members...

10/22/08 10:07 pm - themadmaiden

Dear fellow volunteers,

Though I have been part of this movement since my early youth, as I'm sure we all have, I have only recently come out from my hiding spot behind the hedges. My name is K and I have a question to pose to you all. I suspect that my brother, C, is on the other side of the schism. I have frequently listened to his negative remarks about books and literature. He even once held a lighter to one of my favorite library books, threatening to destroy it. It is clear to me that something even more sinister could happen latter on. Is there any advice on what I should do in this particular situation?

Respectfully yours,


10/13/08 01:42 pm - handles_l

Dear fellow Volunteers,

While browsing the World Wide Web earlier today in search for information concerning a certain fire I have been investigating, I came across this most distressing document.

Read more...Collapse )

This would appear to be a group of individuals dedicated to either revealing all of our secrets to society, or dedicated to pretending to be us in order to throw villainous individuals off our track. I am not certain yet which it is, but I will investigate more.

With all due respect,

10/7/08 11:08 pm - notusachan

To my dear fellow volunteers,

I am new here and felt it proper to introduce myself. I regret to inform you that my name is D, which I trust will result in even more confusion and annoying circumstances for us all. I have two other siblings, an older sister named T and a younger brother named L. T is taller than me, and L is shorter than me. I have not seen them for quite some time now and am hoping one of you might have some information as to their whereabouts written down in your commonplace book. T may have disguised herself as a minivan, I know how fond she was of that particular disguise. As for L I am not sure what he may be, for we were not around one another long enough to have conversations about such things. I fear I cannot search for them myself, as I am currently inside the trunk of this tree.

With all due respect,

9/9/08 06:22 pm - teacrumb - Lusus Naturae

Hoax?  Or a possible relative of the medusoid mycelium?  I would not put it past our enemies to engineer such a monstrosity.

fungal fear

9/2/08 11:20 pm - forsakenmermaid - Disguises

I found one of O's secret disguises in Epcot's Norway at the Walt Disney World Resort. Apparently, he's been going around in disguise for a very long time.

Seek and you shall findCollapse )

2/5/08 05:39 pm - arielstreasures

 My friends, I am a little worried.  I suppose some of you are hiding behind the hedges.  Let me know when it is safe.


2/14/07 04:56 pm - banjomensch - Found on CL

In my V-day loneliness, I have turned to internet dating sites for companionship. Browsing the personals yesterday, I found this:


10/20/06 09:44 am - eyeslikesugar

That girl in the moccasins, is a part of that organization.

10/14/06 12:47 pm - forsakenmermaid - Lemony Snicket

Upon learning that Lemony Snicket would be in New York City on October 13th, I called the bookstore to find out if there was anything I would need to know about attending the event. They gave the phone number of their publicity person, a very angry British woman who quickly informed me that there was no reserve, payment, or tickets. Just show up at 4:00 on Friday the Thirteenth.

She, of course, was wrong.Collapse )
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