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Dear fellow Volunteers,

While browsing the World Wide Web earlier today in search for information concerning a certain fire I have been investigating, I came across this most distressing document.

the world is quiet here...

Some start fires, some put them out. Sometimes, the lines are blurred between the sides. Where are your alliances? Are you good, or are you evil? Are you in the gray area? Do you fight the fires, are are you a full-fledged arsonist? And more importantly: if there's nothing out there, then what made that noise?

don't scream when we take you.

V.F.D. is a panfandom, Livejournal-based Lemony Snicket AU roleplay based on the secret organization featured in A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. Contrary to what the the initials stand for, firefighting is not the focus of this group. We are more interested in the interactions of the characters, either on the same side or opposite sides, and seeing what conspires from there. In essence, it's almost like a free-for-all, without being an outright crack RP.

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This would appear to be a group of individuals dedicated to either revealing all of our secrets to society, or dedicated to pretending to be us in order to throw villainous individuals off our track. I am not certain yet which it is, but I will investigate more.

With all due respect,
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