D (notusachan) wrote in veryfunday,

To my dear fellow volunteers,

I am new here and felt it proper to introduce myself. I regret to inform you that my name is D, which I trust will result in even more confusion and annoying circumstances for us all. I have two other siblings, an older sister named T and a younger brother named L. T is taller than me, and L is shorter than me. I have not seen them for quite some time now and am hoping one of you might have some information as to their whereabouts written down in your commonplace book. T may have disguised herself as a minivan, I know how fond she was of that particular disguise. As for L I am not sure what he may be, for we were not around one another long enough to have conversations about such things. I fear I cannot search for them myself, as I am currently inside the trunk of this tree.

With all due respect,
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